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Tours Of Discovery

We understand that travel is not just about getting from one place to another and how travel opens up endless possibilities to discover more about our world, our lives and ourselves. A fact recognised by our well-travelled experienced management who have for many years organised countless tours for groups with different interests and holiday tours for discerning travellers. That knowledge and experience is built into all our amazing journeys of "Discovery" with carefully planned itineraries at selected regions and destinations around the world.

The Livingstone's Discovery holiday tours vary in length considerably, some are extensive, and others only include the highlights of a destination or region visited. All have itineraries that uncover those secrets of the past, allow you to marvel at stunning natural and man-made features - as well as providing an insight into the culture of the destination. Every holiday tour including those currently being planned leaves time to enjoy and savour the outstanding travel experiences these wonderful tours offer.

Discovery tours insight
The focus of all Livingstone's Discovery tours is simple; it's to enable our clients to get a true insight into the country or region they are visiting. Understand the local customs, culture and learn about its history, development and peoples whilst travelling in style and comfort. The tours not only include visits to the principal attractions but give our clients the opportunity to 'live' the local culture and our English speaking local guides have a wealth of knowledge which they are eager to share with our clients.

Making most of a Discovery tour
Virtually every Livingstone's Holiday Tour provides the possibility of an extension or destination stop-over at the end of a tour. The opportunities will vary from tour to tour depending on the principle destination, the air-carrier and its outbound and inbound routes. Beach extensions are in the main easiest and most popular but a cruise connection, a side trip incorporating a business trip or sports event are not uncommon - there is no limitation to this service that is always subject to availability and cost.