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Gastronomic experiences in the world's best food & wine regions

For many, indulging in the best food and wine a country has to offer is an essential part of any travel experience. And so, we have assembled in collaboration with The Gastronomy Club Limited an incredible collection of Gastronomy Tours & Gourmet Capital Breaks to satisfy all travelling taste buds. There are visits to top vineyards for wine connoisseurs of all expertise levels, and for gourmet diners, the opportunities to savour the world's regional cuisines are endless.

The tour and break travel arrangements made by Livingstones Travel World are on behalf of our collaborative partner The Gastronomy Club Limited. The Tastes of Gastronomy Tours and the Gastronomic Capital breaks feature many of the most sought-after destinations of epicureans and inquisitive travellers alike, combing the best of world gastronomy with unforgettable travel experiences.

Details and itineraries of the tours and breaks featured above can be obtained from The Gastronomy Club via the Contact form, but if you consider yourself a true gastronome, or simply relish in the delight of good food and fine wine, you should Join the Gastronomy Club. They offer even more tempting gastronomic opportunities including new gastronomy tours and gourmand experiences, an Artisan Deli and meaningful Membership Benefits.

Tours with gastronomic delights
Gastronomy is the focal point of every tour, no matter the country, area or region. You will be taken where stunning scenery abounds; over mountains and hills, and through villages, valleys, pastures and farms. Some gastronomy tours will include cookery lessons, others truffle hunting, fishing and curing of hams. The time of the year will play its part, but rest-assured you will be immersed into local communities, improve your knowledge of world gastronomy and soak up the surroundings of your chosen tour destination.

Tours to whet the appetite
Each gastronomy tour provides an insight into your chosen region and the way of life there. Days are full but the pace leisurely, so you can truly appreciate the culture, surroundings and gastronomic delights that await. Winery and vineyard excursions intermingle with visits to dairy farms, traditional bakeries, olive mills and producers of local delicacies. These excursions often include lunches or dinner with wine pairings and tasting, keeping gastronomy at the very heart of your chosen tour.