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About Us

Livingstone’s Travel World, Livingstone’s Club Concordiale, Livingstone’s World of Tours, Livingstone’s World of Golf, Livingstone’s World of Sport, Livingstone’s UK & Ireland Heritage Tours are all trading names of Livingstones TW Limited. Livingstone’s Travel World describes the travel services we provide under this banner but there is far more to our business than can be drawn simply by our descriptive name.

“It’s not just the name we share with the great missionary and explorer David Livingstone, we share a passion for travel and the desire to explore, constantly seeking to find new experiences for our valued and often very well-travelled clientele.”

Livingstone’s Travel World is an amalgam of multi-faceted travel industry services and expertise, mirrored by and its directors and principle shareholders across many business sectors. Our knowledge and experience in Bespoke travel can only be matched by a few and our innovative travel itineraries are second to none.

The creation, organisation and administration of a variety of Events both large and small in the UK and abroad, particularly in the sport and media sector under the banners of Livingstone’s World of Golf and Livingstone’s World of Sport are just elements of our business that is built upon years of experience.

Livingstone’s World of Tours are holidays and tours that feature the most amazing travel experiences, they often incorporate visits to awe-inspiring places and many are centred on special interests and lifestyles that we know appeal to our discerning clientele. The day to day activities of all holiday tours reflect the passion, style and unquestionable experience of our management team and most have stand out features that set us apart from other travel businesses with similar type offerings.


If experience and knowledge counts for you when considering booking bespoke travel package, a holiday or a tour, then please read on:

“We do know what it is like to miss a flight connection, have baggage sent to the wrong airport, or it not to arrive at all. Have a flight overbooked, go to check into a hotel that has no room reservation, go to a room that has a bed already been slept in, a bathroom without water and a hotel room flooding whilst you sleep. Be thrown out of hotel being taken over by a Presidential delegation, have building work going on at your hotel when you try to sleep. Arrive at the airport and find the transfer does not arrive, be stuck at check-in without the proper documentation and to arrive at an overseas airport without the required entry visa. We also know what it is like to travel as a VIP with a fast track check-in, the comfort of an airport lounge, flying first class and of course on Concorde. Take a chauffeur driven limo with a meet & greet pick-up, a helicopter transfer, the front seat at a concert and a sporting event, or spend nights in a Presidential hotel suite and days in the company of high profile personages.”

Looking for a one-stop travel service with knowledge and experience offering old fashioned values of customer care, an out of hours reservation service, 24/7 support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong when you are travelling, then look no further? For more information on our services, make an enquiry or booking call us on 020 7118 2110 or email: