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Livingstone's Special Interest tours

Livingstone's Special Interest holidays and tours are in the main linked to activities, interests, hobbies and passions that can be combined with a fantastic holiday. There are tours around amazing Gardens & Houses, those connected to places and notable historic events, and others in spectacular locations brought about by natural phenomenon, like The Total Eclipse. Some tours are linked to Music & Art from classic to contemporary, old and new and these are often part of a wonderful city break.

For clients who want to be more active and love to ride there are several Horseback holidays and for those who love to drive, an Indian Jeep Safari. There are tours linked to seasonal activities and others timed to take-in the events like Munich Oktoberfest, the Carnivals of Trinidad and Rio, Bastille Day and every 10 years Oberammergau with its Passion play. All offer something different, many fulfil that must-see and do, but all truly memorable and some simply awe inspiring.

Special interests
We have no expectation of being able to fulfil all of the interests of our clients and prospective clients, but every tour whatever its nature or purpose it will always provide an insight and understanding of the cultures surrounding the destination and region of that tour. Many of the tours now feature destinations and activities that originated from an enquiry. Some have become very popular and we have continued to arrange regular tours around those particular activities.

Tours for hobbies and passions
The Livingstone's Special Interest tours are as diverse as the people, places, locations, activities and events they are centred upon. Some have to be booked well in advance simply because of public demand and come at a premium price. In some instances there tours require to be tailor-made in conjunction with an official operator or agency and includes specifically allocated highly individual accommodation, whilst others can only be operated at certain times of the year.