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Livingstone's Signature Tour Range

There are many reasons to travel the world on a Livingstone's Signature Tour: to get close to nature in some of the world's most spectacular and exotic locations, to experience different and exciting cultures, to discover how history has played an important part in the development of a region or a people, to try and understand some myths and legends - Livingstone's Signature tours provides the opportunity to do any or all of these.

We have tours along the mighty rivers and amongst fantastic wildlife in Africa, over the mystical landscape of the Moroccan Desert, and that take-in the dramatic beauty of Patagonia and Cape Horn. Budding explorers can follow in the footsteps of Dr Livingstone to Victoria Falls and film aficionados can visit the land of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Those with an interest in history can immerse themselves in the cultural past of Andalucia, Puglia, Sri Lanka, and the importance that Krakow has had on shaping the Europe of today. You can discover how the current changes in Myanmar, formerly Burma, will impact on their future and delight in the dramatic changes in Vietnam though their cuisine. Whatever you choose, they all offer genuine travel experiences that you will never forget, and once you have travelled on one tour, you will want to book another and another.

Why We Created Our 'Signature Tours' Range
This range of tours has been especially selected as the créme de la créme of those tours organised by us. The decision has in the main been based on the personal experiences of a member of the management team during a visit to a location where particular aspects have made an impact and left their mark. In other instances it has been based on the recommendation of a travel partner who has worked or lived in the vicinity of something that has a must-see, not to missed stand out feature. Each of the tours brings something out of the ordinary and has a particular reason or purpose that we, with our vast experience, believe others may wish to share or participate in.

What the Signature Range Offers the Traveller
These carefully chosen tours, at their heart, will appeal to a wide range of interests and emotions. Each one will have a defining element, be it the natural world, how history has shaped the world, how events are continuing to do so or how other people and cultures live in our world. They are packed with content so diverse that each traveller may take something different from them, and remember those things for ever. Luxury is a by-word for every Livingstone's Tour and our Signature Range is no exception. Exemplary accommodation, unhurried itineraries, expert guides, sumptuous dining and executive travel arrangements complement the extraordinary content of these once in a lifetime opportunities.